Meet the Senate District 65 Candidate

Paul Holmgren

When in the course of human events...

Public service is not something to be entered in to lightly.  As a business owner of a tax preparation and accounting business, St Paul Tax Services, I have a public office where I work and meet my customers.  When I go home to my wife and family, currently at five children, I want my privacy.
Public service is like opening the door to your home and telling your family they won't be alone for dinner for the foreseeable future.  These times call for citizens to step forward and serve those around them.
As your state senator, I promise to protect those I represent from the over-reach of state government and those who seek to minimize your freedoms.  It is important that each of us in our daily lives show respect for the beliefs and thoughts of others.  The three main issues in our society which require interaction of the state government is public safety, taxes and regulations.