Paul Holmgren Believes in You

The Covid-19 pandemic has stifled Minnesotans ability to work, to do activities they enjoy, to worship, and to live their lives the way they determine.  In the days, months and years before this pandemic hit our area there was another plague that limited your abilities and opportunities to succeed it is called the growth of government.  A big government limits our abilities to work, fix up our homes, and to enjoy our lives. There are 3 goals we need to work on to help stop the growth of government and to shrink it to the size that is needed so it can function better and let us live our lives as we see fit. These goals are Public Safety, Simpler Taxes, and Fewer Regulations.

If you believe in reducing the government's influence in your life; Vote for Paul Holmgren for  State Senate District 65.

Citizens to Elect 
Paul Holmgren
Senate District 65

Public Safety

We all desire safety and security.  Every one who respects our laws deserves the protections of police, fire and safe ways to travel.
Key Issues:

Simpler Taxes

Taxes are a necessary evil in our culture to provide for the common needs we all share including the various components of public safety. They should be fair, logical and easy to explain.

Fewer Regulations

Regulations like taxes are required to maintain order in society. They should not prevent people from being able to live their lives including owning businesses and property.